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Welcome to Colditz

come to the City of Colditz and the Colditz Castle

Welcome to the homepage of "Zweimuldenland"

Dear guests,

the small town of Colditz is attractively situated in the southernmost part of the Mulde valley. Located in between the three great cities of Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz it is right in the heart of Europe. Spreading on the banks of the Zwickauer Mulde river Colditz is the last town before the confluence of the Freiberger Mulde and the Zwickauer Mulde and an ideal starting point for all kind of excursions.



The market place at the foot of castle hill is the centre of town. For centuries it has been the central place of social life and shopping and popular meeting place.




Merchants settled near the ford of the Mulde river in the 12th century and St. Nicolas church was built. The town itself was founded at the foot of castle hill by the lords of Colditz after the year 1200. Colditz became a part of the margravate of Meissen in 1404. The historic town centre with the  magnificent town hall built in renaissance style still bespeaks former splendour. The town hall clock presents a peculiarity to the beholder - two golden billy goats butting their horns at each stroke of the hour.













Built in the 11th century, Colditz castle became a prisoner-of-war-camp for officers from Great Britain and the Commonwealth, France, Belgium, Holland and Poland during WW II. 300 prisoners tried to escape from this high security prison, 31 succeeded. Today, the reconstructed castle houses an European youth hostel, a music academy and the museum of the history of the prisoner-of-war camp.



Trade and industry began to flourish about 1400. But it were the clay pits of Colditz that brought fame and prosperity to the town at the beginning of the 18th century. The fine kaolin clay from Colditz was taken to the royal porcelain manufactories in Dresden and Meissen. The industrial production of stoneware goods began in Colditz early in the 19th century. All of the local stonware factories and porcelain factories were closed within a few years after the German reunification.


One of Saxony´s largest woods - the Colditzer and Glastener Forst - stretches right to the outskirts of town and presents a charming mixture of river meadows, hill, brooks and woodland. The Colditzer Forst is characterized by large and varied stocks of plants and animals, well marked hiking  trails and delightful ponds.




We hope you will enjoy  your stay in Colditz and the vicinity.


Yours, the Tourist-Information team

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